Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It All Ends Tonight... (Maybe)

Cardinals Fans Everywhere Are Nervous As Hell Tonight. Yes, they Fought Back, Won, And Combined With The Braves Losing It Towards The End of The Regular Season, They Made it into The NLDS. Only To Take on The phillies. The Team With The Best Record in Baseball This Year. The Team With The untouchable Rotation Consisting of Roy Halladay, Cliff lee, Cole Hamels, And Roy Oswalt. Never mind The Fact That They Are Down Two Games To One. Never mind That Fact That They Get To Face Roy Oswalt Tonight... That's Not Why Cardinals Fans everywhere Are Nervous.

So, I'm Sure you're Wondering Whats Keeping The Fans Of One Of the Greatest ball clubs In The history Of Major League Baseball On Edge. Well, Stick With Me, And I'll Tell you

Tonight Could Be Albert Pujols' Last Game As A St. Louis Cardinal. Alberts Contract is up As Soon As The Cardinals season is Over, Which (hopefully not, fingers crossed) Could Be Tonight. And, While I Don't Want The Cardinals To Lose, It Would Seem Fitting For his (possibly) Last Game To Be in St. Louis. Will The Cardinals Re-sign him? That's not Really The Question That Needs to Be asked. The Real Question is CAN They Resign him. Now, While They Do Have one Of the Higher Payrolls In The MLB, Do They Have The Money That He Wants? Now, Albert Has Made it Clear That he Wants To Stay in St. Louis. But, if he wanted To Stay Bad Enough, Wouldn't he Have Re-Signed in The off season? I say yes... But That's just Me.

As Far As Pujols Going Somewhere Else, Where Would he Go? It's Been Noted on Several Occasions, That The Teams that Can Afford To Pay Him What He Wants, Already Have, Or Have Recently Signed Big Name First basemen. And I Doubt Albert Would Go To A Place That Would Just Stick him in Any position Just To have His Bat in The lineup. He's A Gold Glove First Baseman For A Reason. And, Just To Ruffle A Few Feathers, What If He Went To The Cubs? HA-HA, Just kidding. But, As A Real Person, That Thinks logically, I Do Have To point out That it's possible.

Personally, Like Most Cardinal Fans, I Don't Want him To Go Anywhere. But That's not up to Us Fans. All We Can Do Is Cheer As Loud As We Can, And hope that He Stays. He Came up in The Cardinals Farm System, Loves St. Louis, IS Raising his Family In st. Louis, And Has Said Many times That He Wants to Stay in St. Louis. St. Louis Fans Called Him "The Man" And He Said "No, Stan Musial Is The Man" so The Fans Started Calling him "The Machine", And "El Hombre". He May not Have been born in St. Louis, But He put Down Roots There, And We Would Like Them To Stay There.

Would Cardinals Fans be A little Salty if he Left? Of Course, For A while... I Was Born A Cardinals Fan, And i Will Die A Cardinals Fan. but I Would Be lying if i Said I Wouldn't Be upset if "El Hombre" Left The Team. But, On the Other Side of the pillow (I'm not even sure what i mean with that...) I Can't Hate A guy For Doing What He thinks Is Best For him And his Family. would Cardinals fans be Salty? Yes. But, The Great Thing About being A Cardinals Fan Is, While We Love, And Respect Our team, We Love And Respect Baseball First. That's Why, When you See A Former Cardinal Come Back To st. Louis With Their New Team, We Cheer. That's Why We Cheer A Good play, no Matter who Makes it. Cardinal or not. If it Wasn't For The Game of Baseball, We Wouldn't Have A Team to Love, And Respect.

There's no Doubt That Albert pujols Is A Future Hall Of Famer. And there's no Doubt That He's one of, if Not the Best, pure Baseball Player In The Game Right now. So, Stay, Or Go, I Will Be Proud To Say that El Hombre Played For my Team. Just Like I'm Proud to Say That The Wizard Played For my Team, The Man played For My Team, Eckersly played For My Team (Does He Have A funny nickname?)

The Cardinals Have Roy Oswalt To Contend With Tonight, and, Win, Or Lose, Expect Alot Of Emotion Every Time Albert Steps Up To The Plate.

Go Cards

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