Tuesday, August 30, 2011

eBay Deal of The Month, August, 2011

Here Is My August, 2011 Ebay Deal of the month. Spent 52 cents, And got A Few Thing For My Matt Holliday Collection. I Don't Really open Any Bowman products, So This one Was A No-Brainer. It's Easier To Buy Singles, then boxes, Or Packs, And Hope i Get 1 Card...

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Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Topps Quick Rip

I went to Wal-mart, in Search Of Cardboard. I Was in the mood For something Different, So I Had A blaster of Topps Lineage in mind, but They Didn't Have Any... So, I Went With A Couple of these 2011 Topps "Hanger" boxes. Although i Have never Seen Any of them Hanging, EVER... Oh Well, Same Crap, Different Package. 72 Cards, 1 Diamond Code Card, And 1 Sapphire Blue Card per box. The Sapphire Blue Cards Are Wal-Mart Exclusives, And The Target Version Of This Product Contains A "Ruby Red" Card.

These "boxes" Really Arent Good For Anything Except Base Cards. There Are Inserts, but not Many.

Friday, August 19, 2011

2012 Topps... Nuff Said...

Well, Topps Released Images of Next Years "Game Changing" Flagship Product, 2012 Topps Baseball. (If you Haven't Seen Them, Google it. I'm not Doing All the Work For You.)

To be honest, I'm Not Really Excited At All. The Base Cards look Okay, at best. It's your Basic Topps Baseball. Nothing Special. And The Inserts Are, Well, Mediocre. It's Basically 2011 Topps, Only With A GOLD theme, As opposed To Diamonds. Now, Let's Be A Little Optimistic Here. I'm Not Going To Say That I Hate until I Actually Get A Chance To open Some Of It. It's Supposed to Come Out in February of 2012, So We Have A Long Time Till then. Who knows what could happen between now and then, things might change some...

They Are bringing back the online online giveaway codes, with the "GOLD GIVEAWAY". Now, If Anything in This Set Will Get Me Excited, it's The Gold Giveaway. With the 2010 MDC Giveaway, I Wasn't Too Interested. but, 2011 Made Me A Believer With the diamond dig. That's When i Really Got Into It, and started trading cards, and really enjoying it. So That's A Plus In my Book.

other than that, there's nothing much to talk about. will I Collect It? most Likely. Why? Because Thanks To The MLB Granting Topps An Exclusive License, There's Really nothing much more To Collect, baseball Wise. Aside From The Topps Products, There's Bowman (I know it's a topps product, just bear with me), And I Haven't Liked Bowman in years... And, outside of Goodwin, And SP Legendary Cuts, Upper Deck Didn't Even Make A Baseball Set this Year, That i know Of... So What's That Say For Next year? And Of Course, there's All the unlicensed stuff, that i don't care about. Maybe I'll Spend Next year Finishing Sets From The Past.

Oh, And Did I mention That 2012 Will Also Include mini's? Yep 1987 mini's... to hell with that.

In Short, I Should Probably Than Topps. thanks To Them, My 81 Donruss Set Will most Likely Get Finished Next Year. thanks topps.

you Can Download The Sell Sheet Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wasted Potential...

I Was Sorting Through Some Card Boxes, As I Tend To Do Late At Night, And Came Across These Bad Muthas...


That's Right Folks, Thats 21, count 'em 21 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway Codes. Oh, And Did I Mention That These Are UNUSED CODES!!!!

Yep. When I First learned About The Million Card Giveaway, I Decided To Save up A Bunch of Codes, And Punch Them In All At Once. Well, These Got Stuck In A Box, And Never used... How Do I Know This? Because All The Code Cards I Used, Are Stored With All The Crap I Had Delivered From The Giveaway.

Granted, Most OF these Codes Would Probably Yield more 1987 Topps, Or ANOTHER 1994 Mike Piazza, So, I Probably Didn't miss out On Much, But Still... But, On The Bright Side, This Got Me Wondering If I Had Any Of This Years Diamond Giveaway Cards Socked Away, And guess What! I Don't. Well, Not Any That I Can Find Yet.

Witch Brings Me The Whole Point Of This Post... These Code Cards Should Have The Scratch Off Foil, Like A Redemption Card Has. That Way There Is no Question Whether A Code Has Been Redeemed or Not. Just One Collectors Opinion.

I Wonder If These Codes Will Work In The New System...

Not That I Would Condone That Sort Of Thing...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


No, you Can't have them, THEY"RE MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

2008 Upper Deck Timeline Blaster...

On A Recent Journey To My Local Wal-Mart, I Stopped by The Card Aisle (First) To See If there Was Anything New. There Wasn't. But I Did Notice A box on the bottom Shelf Full Of 07-08 Blasters For $11.99 each. When I See these Bad boys, I Can't Help My Self... So I picked up A 2008 UD Timeline. What's Upper Deck Timeline you Ask? Well, To Put It Simply, It's Todays Stars On UD Designs From The Last 15 Years...

Here Are The Highlights



Roy Hallady - Awesome!


Randy Johnson. There Has to Be A Story Behind The Name "The Big Unit"


Albert Pujols -Cardinals Represent!


Tim Lincecum


Ichiro - When, And Why, Did We Stop Using his Last Name?


Ken Griffey Jr. You Can't Argue With The Kid


Joey Votto Rookie


Ryan Braun

Die Cut Prospects


Steve Holm


Nick Blackburn


Burk Badenhop

Guaranteed Hit


AJ Burnett Plain Black Jersey Swatch... What'd you expect?

I Bought This Blaster for A Few Reasons. 1. I Had Never Ripped Any Of This Stuff. 2. $11.99!!! 3. Guaranteed Hit... I Wasnt expecting Much from The Mem Card. And I Wasn't Disappointed. Not Bad... What More Do you Want For 12 bucks?