Thursday, October 6, 2011

ebay Deal Of The Month: September, 2011

I Know, It's A little Late For A September post, but I Have Lots Of Things Going on, So Suck it... Here Is my eBay deal of The month, For September, 2011. I Bought These Cards, Merely For the Scott Rolen. I'm a Fan Of Scott Rolen, And Have been Since he Played With The Cardinals.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It All Ends Tonight... (Maybe)

Cardinals Fans Everywhere Are Nervous As Hell Tonight. Yes, they Fought Back, Won, And Combined With The Braves Losing It Towards The End of The Regular Season, They Made it into The NLDS. Only To Take on The phillies. The Team With The Best Record in Baseball This Year. The Team With The untouchable Rotation Consisting of Roy Halladay, Cliff lee, Cole Hamels, And Roy Oswalt. Never mind The Fact That They Are Down Two Games To One. Never mind That Fact That They Get To Face Roy Oswalt Tonight... That's Not Why Cardinals Fans everywhere Are Nervous.

So, I'm Sure you're Wondering Whats Keeping The Fans Of One Of the Greatest ball clubs In The history Of Major League Baseball On Edge. Well, Stick With Me, And I'll Tell you

Tonight Could Be Albert Pujols' Last Game As A St. Louis Cardinal. Alberts Contract is up As Soon As The Cardinals season is Over, Which (hopefully not, fingers crossed) Could Be Tonight. And, While I Don't Want The Cardinals To Lose, It Would Seem Fitting For his (possibly) Last Game To Be in St. Louis. Will The Cardinals Re-sign him? That's not Really The Question That Needs to Be asked. The Real Question is CAN They Resign him. Now, While They Do Have one Of the Higher Payrolls In The MLB, Do They Have The Money That He Wants? Now, Albert Has Made it Clear That he Wants To Stay in St. Louis. But, if he wanted To Stay Bad Enough, Wouldn't he Have Re-Signed in The off season? I say yes... But That's just Me.

As Far As Pujols Going Somewhere Else, Where Would he Go? It's Been Noted on Several Occasions, That The Teams that Can Afford To Pay Him What He Wants, Already Have, Or Have Recently Signed Big Name First basemen. And I Doubt Albert Would Go To A Place That Would Just Stick him in Any position Just To have His Bat in The lineup. He's A Gold Glove First Baseman For A Reason. And, Just To Ruffle A Few Feathers, What If He Went To The Cubs? HA-HA, Just kidding. But, As A Real Person, That Thinks logically, I Do Have To point out That it's possible.

Personally, Like Most Cardinal Fans, I Don't Want him To Go Anywhere. But That's not up to Us Fans. All We Can Do Is Cheer As Loud As We Can, And hope that He Stays. He Came up in The Cardinals Farm System, Loves St. Louis, IS Raising his Family In st. Louis, And Has Said Many times That He Wants to Stay in St. Louis. St. Louis Fans Called Him "The Man" And He Said "No, Stan Musial Is The Man" so The Fans Started Calling him "The Machine", And "El Hombre". He May not Have been born in St. Louis, But He put Down Roots There, And We Would Like Them To Stay There.

Would Cardinals Fans be A little Salty if he Left? Of Course, For A while... I Was Born A Cardinals Fan, And i Will Die A Cardinals Fan. but I Would Be lying if i Said I Wouldn't Be upset if "El Hombre" Left The Team. But, On the Other Side of the pillow (I'm not even sure what i mean with that...) I Can't Hate A guy For Doing What He thinks Is Best For him And his Family. would Cardinals fans be Salty? Yes. But, The Great Thing About being A Cardinals Fan Is, While We Love, And Respect Our team, We Love And Respect Baseball First. That's Why, When you See A Former Cardinal Come Back To st. Louis With Their New Team, We Cheer. That's Why We Cheer A Good play, no Matter who Makes it. Cardinal or not. If it Wasn't For The Game of Baseball, We Wouldn't Have A Team to Love, And Respect.

There's no Doubt That Albert pujols Is A Future Hall Of Famer. And there's no Doubt That He's one of, if Not the Best, pure Baseball Player In The Game Right now. So, Stay, Or Go, I Will Be Proud To Say that El Hombre Played For my Team. Just Like I'm Proud to Say That The Wizard Played For my Team, The Man played For My Team, Eckersly played For My Team (Does He Have A funny nickname?)

The Cardinals Have Roy Oswalt To Contend With Tonight, and, Win, Or Lose, Expect Alot Of Emotion Every Time Albert Steps Up To The Plate.

Go Cards

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2x 2010 Upper Deck Blasters...

Well, Thanx to Some Dropped Frames, And An Off Brand DV Tape, The Video Was, For Lack Of A Better Term, A Bust... So, Instead of Accepting Defeat, Scanned All The Inserts, And Compiled Them Into Video Form. Oh, And I Got A Lot of The Base Cards I Need For The Set.

So, here they are...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Allen & Ginter Blaster

This Was Another Purchase Made When I Went For Top Loaders. There Were About 10 Fresh Blasters, So I picked one up.

2009 SP Blaster

Pretty Self Explanatory. I Stopped by The Card Aisle To pick up Some Top Loaders, And Ended up Spending 10X The Amount I Intended on Spending... Why? Because This Was Twelve bucks, And They Had A Fresh Stock Of Ginter Blasters As Well...More Videos To Come.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Card Company Cameo

While Sitting Around, Watching The Cardinals Game (Cards Won 2-0), I Decided To Sort Through Some Stacks Of Card That I Have Been Meaning To Get Around To For A While. While Going Through A Stack Of Recently Opened 2009 Upper Deck Jumbos That A Friend Gave Me, I Came Across A Card Of Michael Cuddyer, Signing Autographs.
It's Fairly Common To See A Card With A Player Doing Something Besides Playing Baseball, But This one Caught my Attention For Another Reason.


On This Particular Card, Michael Cuddyer Is Seen Handing Back A Card To A Fan. I know What you're Thinking, "A Baseball Player Signing A Baseball Card, What's the Big Deal?" And That's What I Thought Too, Until i Took A Closer look.


That Doesn't look Like An Upper Deck Card. And In Fact, it's not. After A little research, i Managed to Find A picture of the card in the card, No, I'm not Talking About Rip Cards Here.

I hit up Check Out My Cards And Started Searching , by year, For All Micheal Cuddyer Cards. (Thank God there Wasn't Too Many!) And ended up finding this...


That's Right. It's A 2004 Topps Card, On A 2009 Upper Deck Card. Hence The Name of the post, "Card Company Cameo." Just Thought this Was interesting. I've Heard Stories of Athletes not Being Able To Sign A Certain companies product, Because they Have A Deal Of Some Sort With A Rival Company.
it Makes you Wonder if Topps would Let A picture Of An upper Deck Card Make it into Their product? i Don't Think So. But, i highly Doubt That they Would go through the trouble to figure out if it was their card or not. They Would Just Superimpose A Mantle Card in his hand, and super short print it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1999 Upper Deck Powerdeck.

For Those Of You Who Have Never Seen Any Of These, Here Is What The 1999 Upper Deck Powerdeck CD "Cards" Contain. I Didn't Manage To Get All Of The Audio, And To Be honest With You, I Didn't Try To Hard. Just Wanted To Give People A Quality Example Of What This Crap Was All About.

The CD Content Was Made With Macromedia, So you Could Probably Pull It Into MX2004 Or Some Other Flash Program, And "Update"It, And While That Sounds Fun, I Don't Care That Much...

I Still Need A Few of These To Finish the Cd-Rom Set. So If you Got Some, And Want To Work Something out, Just Let me know.


1 Ken Griffey Jr.
2 Mark McGwire
3 Cal Ripken
5 Derek Jeter
8 Greg Maddux
12 Alex Rodriguez
14 Chipper Jones
17 Frank Thomas
21 Jose Canseco

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

eBay Deal of The Month, August, 2011

Here Is My August, 2011 Ebay Deal of the month. Spent 52 cents, And got A Few Thing For My Matt Holliday Collection. I Don't Really open Any Bowman products, So This one Was A No-Brainer. It's Easier To Buy Singles, then boxes, Or Packs, And Hope i Get 1 Card...

Music by Me!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Topps Quick Rip

I went to Wal-mart, in Search Of Cardboard. I Was in the mood For something Different, So I Had A blaster of Topps Lineage in mind, but They Didn't Have Any... So, I Went With A Couple of these 2011 Topps "Hanger" boxes. Although i Have never Seen Any of them Hanging, EVER... Oh Well, Same Crap, Different Package. 72 Cards, 1 Diamond Code Card, And 1 Sapphire Blue Card per box. The Sapphire Blue Cards Are Wal-Mart Exclusives, And The Target Version Of This Product Contains A "Ruby Red" Card.

These "boxes" Really Arent Good For Anything Except Base Cards. There Are Inserts, but not Many.

Friday, August 19, 2011

2012 Topps... Nuff Said...

Well, Topps Released Images of Next Years "Game Changing" Flagship Product, 2012 Topps Baseball. (If you Haven't Seen Them, Google it. I'm not Doing All the Work For You.)

To be honest, I'm Not Really Excited At All. The Base Cards look Okay, at best. It's your Basic Topps Baseball. Nothing Special. And The Inserts Are, Well, Mediocre. It's Basically 2011 Topps, Only With A GOLD theme, As opposed To Diamonds. Now, Let's Be A Little Optimistic Here. I'm Not Going To Say That I Hate until I Actually Get A Chance To open Some Of It. It's Supposed to Come Out in February of 2012, So We Have A Long Time Till then. Who knows what could happen between now and then, things might change some...

They Are bringing back the online online giveaway codes, with the "GOLD GIVEAWAY". Now, If Anything in This Set Will Get Me Excited, it's The Gold Giveaway. With the 2010 MDC Giveaway, I Wasn't Too Interested. but, 2011 Made Me A Believer With the diamond dig. That's When i Really Got Into It, and started trading cards, and really enjoying it. So That's A Plus In my Book.

other than that, there's nothing much to talk about. will I Collect It? most Likely. Why? Because Thanks To The MLB Granting Topps An Exclusive License, There's Really nothing much more To Collect, baseball Wise. Aside From The Topps Products, There's Bowman (I know it's a topps product, just bear with me), And I Haven't Liked Bowman in years... And, outside of Goodwin, And SP Legendary Cuts, Upper Deck Didn't Even Make A Baseball Set this Year, That i know Of... So What's That Say For Next year? And Of Course, there's All the unlicensed stuff, that i don't care about. Maybe I'll Spend Next year Finishing Sets From The Past.

Oh, And Did I mention That 2012 Will Also Include mini's? Yep 1987 mini's... to hell with that.

In Short, I Should Probably Than Topps. thanks To Them, My 81 Donruss Set Will most Likely Get Finished Next Year. thanks topps.

you Can Download The Sell Sheet Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wasted Potential...

I Was Sorting Through Some Card Boxes, As I Tend To Do Late At Night, And Came Across These Bad Muthas...


That's Right Folks, Thats 21, count 'em 21 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway Codes. Oh, And Did I Mention That These Are UNUSED CODES!!!!

Yep. When I First learned About The Million Card Giveaway, I Decided To Save up A Bunch of Codes, And Punch Them In All At Once. Well, These Got Stuck In A Box, And Never used... How Do I Know This? Because All The Code Cards I Used, Are Stored With All The Crap I Had Delivered From The Giveaway.

Granted, Most OF these Codes Would Probably Yield more 1987 Topps, Or ANOTHER 1994 Mike Piazza, So, I Probably Didn't miss out On Much, But Still... But, On The Bright Side, This Got Me Wondering If I Had Any Of This Years Diamond Giveaway Cards Socked Away, And guess What! I Don't. Well, Not Any That I Can Find Yet.

Witch Brings Me The Whole Point Of This Post... These Code Cards Should Have The Scratch Off Foil, Like A Redemption Card Has. That Way There Is no Question Whether A Code Has Been Redeemed or Not. Just One Collectors Opinion.

I Wonder If These Codes Will Work In The New System...

Not That I Would Condone That Sort Of Thing...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


No, you Can't have them, THEY"RE MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

2008 Upper Deck Timeline Blaster...

On A Recent Journey To My Local Wal-Mart, I Stopped by The Card Aisle (First) To See If there Was Anything New. There Wasn't. But I Did Notice A box on the bottom Shelf Full Of 07-08 Blasters For $11.99 each. When I See these Bad boys, I Can't Help My Self... So I picked up A 2008 UD Timeline. What's Upper Deck Timeline you Ask? Well, To Put It Simply, It's Todays Stars On UD Designs From The Last 15 Years...

Here Are The Highlights



Roy Hallady - Awesome!


Randy Johnson. There Has to Be A Story Behind The Name "The Big Unit"


Albert Pujols -Cardinals Represent!


Tim Lincecum


Ichiro - When, And Why, Did We Stop Using his Last Name?


Ken Griffey Jr. You Can't Argue With The Kid


Joey Votto Rookie


Ryan Braun

Die Cut Prospects


Steve Holm


Nick Blackburn


Burk Badenhop

Guaranteed Hit


AJ Burnett Plain Black Jersey Swatch... What'd you expect?

I Bought This Blaster for A Few Reasons. 1. I Had Never Ripped Any Of This Stuff. 2. $11.99!!! 3. Guaranteed Hit... I Wasnt expecting Much from The Mem Card. And I Wasn't Disappointed. Not Bad... What More Do you Want For 12 bucks?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Mission...

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts...

155 Cards...

Only Found via Topps Diamond Give Away Website...

Acquired Either By Unlocking Them, Or Trades...

I Want Them All...

Can I Do It?

More To Come...

UPDATE: AUGUST 15, 2011...

This Is going to be A Little Trickier Than I Thought...  Unlocking he Cards is, Well, To Put It Bluntly, A Pain In the Ass.  Obviously there Is no Way i Could Unlock All 155 Of Them, So, Other Than purchasing Them Through eBay, or COMC, I Have no Choice But To Trade For Them.  So Far, It's Proving To Be Just As Fruitless As Unlocking the Cards.  I Managed To Trade 1 of the 2 Adam Wainwrighrs I Had For 11, yes, 11, 75 and 76 Commons.  I Am hoping To Be Able To Turn Them Around For more Die-Cuts, but So Far, nothing.  Hopefully, Once Enough Of Them Have Been Unlocked, (theres already plenty, GIVE ME SOME!!!) People Will Be More Reluctant To Trade For My Crappy Commomns... Until Next Time...

Topps Diamond Giveaway FAIL!!!!


Sam Musial? Need I Say More...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Junk Box Preview!!!!

I Arrived Home Earlier Today, And Found An eBay Purchase Waiting For Me. Now, This was Not your Normal, Run-of-The-Mill, Eaby Package, No, Not At All. This Is A Super Package Containing Over 60 Unopened Packs Of Cards, from All Different Years, And All Different Brands. Yes My Friends, This Is A Super Box Of JUNK!!!!! And Not The Standard 88 Topps Racks, Or 91 Fleer Wax, I'm Talking Top Of The Line Junk. 97 Pinnacle Mint, 88 Topps, 92 Leaf, 91 Fleer, 91 Studio, Etc... There Are So many Different Kinds, That The Most I Got Of A Single Brand, Was7 Packs... I'm Going To Wait And Rip Them All On Video, As Soon As I Find The Time, But There Was one Pack In Particular That I Couldn't Wait To Rip.

2007 Topps Turkey Red

I Love The turkey Red Cards. I'm Not Sure If It's The Card Stock They Are Printed On, The texture, Smell, Or The Pictures That, At Times, Barely Resemble The Player It's Supposed To... What Ever It Is, I Can Say That I Was Stoked To See This Lone Pack Of A Product That Has Been Forgotten By A Lot Of Collectors Out There. So Here It Is!!!


Jorge Posada


Justin Verlander


Carlos Gomez Rookie




Alex Rios


Troy Tulowitski Rookie! Not A Huge Tulo Fan, But Not Bad


Edgar Renteria. WIN!


Justin Morneau Chrome(?) Thing. #/1999 - WIN, I Guess...

So, There you Have It. A Pack Of 2007 Turkey Red.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Colby Rasmus, We Hardly Knew Ye...

For The Second Year In A Row, The Cardinals Have Traded A Star Outfielder In The Hopes Of Strengthening Their Pitching Rotation.  Last Years Trade Saw Right Fielder Ryan Ludwick Heading To San Diego, And The Cards Getting Jake Westbrook.

And This Year is No Different, As The Cards, In A big 3 Team Deal,  Dealt Colby Rasmus, Trevor Miller, PJ Walters, And Brian Tellet To The Toronto Blue Jays, For Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel, Marc Rzepczynski, And Corey Patterson, And "Players To Be Named Later" Or A Cash option.

Edwin Jackson, Who Made His MLB Debut In 2003 With The Dodgers, Has A Career 55-58 Record, With A 4.53 ERA.He Makes his First Star As A Cardinal Tonight Against The Cubs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Single Pack, Of Tri-Star Oback

2009 Tri-Star Oback... Nothing more, Nothing Less...

Stan Musial, Springfield
Ted Williams, San Diego

Ron Kittle, Glens Falls

Bill "Moose" Skowron, Kansas City

Barak Obama Mini

Deal With It Haters...

Pack Searchers Can Go To Hell...

About A Week Or So Ago, I Was In My Local Wal-Mart, And Happened By The Card Aisle, Just In Time To See A Brittle Old Woman Putting Out A Couple Of fresh Gravity Feed Boxes Of Topps 2011 Series 1 And 2.  Intrigued At The Thought Of Fresh Boxes Of Cards, I Picked up A Few Packs Of Each. BEFORE They Were, Pack Searched, Groped, Man Handled, And Most Likely Damaged. 

I Threw Them In The Cart, And Kept Shopping.  About 20 Minutes Had Gone by, And I Was Ready To Check Out, So, Naturally, I Chose the Checkout Line Right Next To The Card Section.  You Know, Just In Case The Old Woman Stocked Some 2011 A&G Blasters While I Was Away.  I Checked, No Blasters.  But I Did see The Once Full Boxes Of Series 1&2 Were Empty.  The Packs Were Strewn About Carelessly And Were Nowhere Near There Respective Homes.  Then I Noticed Something Else, It Looked As If None Of The Cards Were Bought... HMMM... So I Did A little Investigating. 

The Boxes Were 36ct Boxes.  I Bought 3 Packs Of Each, Leaving, 33 Packs in Each Box.  So I Decided To Count The Remaining Packs.  33 Packs Of Series 1, And 31 Packs Of Series 2.  These Boxes Had Been Searched, And All The "Searcher" Bought Was Two Packs...  Mother Fucker!!! 

Now, I Am Not A "BIG HIT" Kind Of Guy, And Most Of The Time you only Get Plain White Jersey Swatches Out Of Retail. (Most Of The Time) If I Want Relic Cards, Autos, Etc. I Will Buy A Hobby Box Either Online, Or from the Closest Hobby Shop To Me. (56 miles Round trip) But Alot of People Either Can't Afford Hobby Boxes, Can't Get To The Hobby Shop, Or Are Kids.  And These Fools Are Ruining Retail For All Of Them. Just So they Can Put A Mediocre Card on Ebay For A High Price... I Buy Retail Because It's Handy. Other Buy It Because That's Their Only Choice.

Sorry For The Rant, But It Was Coming out One Way Or Another.

2007 Fleer Ultra

I Like 2007 Fleer Ultra.  The Cards Are Great Looking, I Mean,  You Can't beat A High Gloss Full Bleed Card.  (Stadium Club Anyone?)  Now, I Wasn't A Big Fan Of The Insert Sets, They Were Cool, But For Me, It's All About The Base Cards In This Set.  Fantastic!  I Think The Only Problem With The Base Set Is That The Names Were  Written In Some Sort Of Script, With A Foil Outline, And Could Make it A Little Difficult To Read. Other Than That, They're Awesome.

Well, I Recently Came Across A Pack In A Bargain Bin At A Flea Market (i Love Flea MArkets) For $.50! And Here Are The Results...

2007 Fleer Ultra "Bargain bin" Pack:

 Scott Rolen. WIN! Scott Rolen With The Cardinals! WIN WIN!

A.J. Burnett...  Meh...

Ryan Freel... Again, Meh...

All Right! I Mean Wainwright! WIN!

Nice. Always Good To Pull A Nomar...

 Hoisted On My Own BedardGet It?

 Magglio Ordonez...

Ian Kinsler...

Kevin Kouzmenoff Lucky 13

Matt Holiday Gold Parallel.  You Probably Can't tell, But It Is Gold. 
Holliday WIN!

So, All In All, A Pretty Good Pack. A Few Stars, A Few Cardinals, And A Gold Parallel Of A Soon To Be Redbird.  I'd Buy That For Fifty Cents Any Day!!!

Welcome, And 2011 Topps Inserts...

Well, I've Finally Done It.  I've Created A Card Blog.

"What Have I Gotten Myself Into?"

That's What I Was thinking Just Mere Moments Before I Started Typing.  But, Just Like Any Other Time I Have Thought That, I Quickly Said "Screw It"  And Went Ahead With Whatever It Was That Had Me Shaken Up In The First Place.

Actually, I Have Been Wanting To Do This For A While Now, And Finally Got around To Doing It.  After, What Seems Like Years Of Reading Card Blogs, And Seeing The Gigantic Online Collector Community, I Figured I Should Jump In, And Give You My Two Cents...   And What A Better Way To Start, That With Some 2011 Topps Inserts. (Series 1&2)

So Here It Is...

Let's See How I Do... 

2011 Topps Series 1&2 (Retail) Inserts...


Albert Pujols And Miguel Cabrera.  I'm A Life Long Cardinals Fan, So This Card Is A Win.

Ryan Braun And Ike Davis... Who Names There Kids "Ike" Anymore?
Tim Lincecum And Brian Wilson.  World Champs, You Can't Argue With That.  Win

Josh Johnson And Justin Verlander. 


Ryan Braun...

Hell Yeah! Sandy Koufax! WIN!!!

Mariano Rivera.  Good Pitcher, But I Hate The Yankees...

And Some Other Stuff:
Justin Morneau Kimball Champions

Joaquin Benoit gold Parallel #/2011
Hanley Ramirez Diamond Stars

David Wright Blue Diamond (Wal-Mart Exclusive)