Monday, August 8, 2011

Wasted Potential...

I Was Sorting Through Some Card Boxes, As I Tend To Do Late At Night, And Came Across These Bad Muthas...


That's Right Folks, Thats 21, count 'em 21 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway Codes. Oh, And Did I Mention That These Are UNUSED CODES!!!!

Yep. When I First learned About The Million Card Giveaway, I Decided To Save up A Bunch of Codes, And Punch Them In All At Once. Well, These Got Stuck In A Box, And Never used... How Do I Know This? Because All The Code Cards I Used, Are Stored With All The Crap I Had Delivered From The Giveaway.

Granted, Most OF these Codes Would Probably Yield more 1987 Topps, Or ANOTHER 1994 Mike Piazza, So, I Probably Didn't miss out On Much, But Still... But, On The Bright Side, This Got Me Wondering If I Had Any Of This Years Diamond Giveaway Cards Socked Away, And guess What! I Don't. Well, Not Any That I Can Find Yet.

Witch Brings Me The Whole Point Of This Post... These Code Cards Should Have The Scratch Off Foil, Like A Redemption Card Has. That Way There Is no Question Whether A Code Has Been Redeemed or Not. Just One Collectors Opinion.

I Wonder If These Codes Will Work In The New System...

Not That I Would Condone That Sort Of Thing...


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