Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Card Company Cameo

While Sitting Around, Watching The Cardinals Game (Cards Won 2-0), I Decided To Sort Through Some Stacks Of Card That I Have Been Meaning To Get Around To For A While. While Going Through A Stack Of Recently Opened 2009 Upper Deck Jumbos That A Friend Gave Me, I Came Across A Card Of Michael Cuddyer, Signing Autographs.
It's Fairly Common To See A Card With A Player Doing Something Besides Playing Baseball, But This one Caught my Attention For Another Reason.


On This Particular Card, Michael Cuddyer Is Seen Handing Back A Card To A Fan. I know What you're Thinking, "A Baseball Player Signing A Baseball Card, What's the Big Deal?" And That's What I Thought Too, Until i Took A Closer look.


That Doesn't look Like An Upper Deck Card. And In Fact, it's not. After A little research, i Managed to Find A picture of the card in the card, No, I'm not Talking About Rip Cards Here.

I hit up Check Out My Cards And Started Searching , by year, For All Micheal Cuddyer Cards. (Thank God there Wasn't Too Many!) And ended up finding this...


That's Right. It's A 2004 Topps Card, On A 2009 Upper Deck Card. Hence The Name of the post, "Card Company Cameo." Just Thought this Was interesting. I've Heard Stories of Athletes not Being Able To Sign A Certain companies product, Because they Have A Deal Of Some Sort With A Rival Company.
it Makes you Wonder if Topps would Let A picture Of An upper Deck Card Make it into Their product? i Don't Think So. But, i highly Doubt That they Would go through the trouble to figure out if it was their card or not. They Would Just Superimpose A Mantle Card in his hand, and super short print it.

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