Thursday, July 28, 2011

2007 Fleer Ultra

I Like 2007 Fleer Ultra.  The Cards Are Great Looking, I Mean,  You Can't beat A High Gloss Full Bleed Card.  (Stadium Club Anyone?)  Now, I Wasn't A Big Fan Of The Insert Sets, They Were Cool, But For Me, It's All About The Base Cards In This Set.  Fantastic!  I Think The Only Problem With The Base Set Is That The Names Were  Written In Some Sort Of Script, With A Foil Outline, And Could Make it A Little Difficult To Read. Other Than That, They're Awesome.

Well, I Recently Came Across A Pack In A Bargain Bin At A Flea Market (i Love Flea MArkets) For $.50! And Here Are The Results...

2007 Fleer Ultra "Bargain bin" Pack:

 Scott Rolen. WIN! Scott Rolen With The Cardinals! WIN WIN!

A.J. Burnett...  Meh...

Ryan Freel... Again, Meh...

All Right! I Mean Wainwright! WIN!

Nice. Always Good To Pull A Nomar...

 Hoisted On My Own BedardGet It?

 Magglio Ordonez...

Ian Kinsler...

Kevin Kouzmenoff Lucky 13

Matt Holiday Gold Parallel.  You Probably Can't tell, But It Is Gold. 
Holliday WIN!

So, All In All, A Pretty Good Pack. A Few Stars, A Few Cardinals, And A Gold Parallel Of A Soon To Be Redbird.  I'd Buy That For Fifty Cents Any Day!!!

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