Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Junk Box Preview!!!!

I Arrived Home Earlier Today, And Found An eBay Purchase Waiting For Me. Now, This was Not your Normal, Run-of-The-Mill, Eaby Package, No, Not At All. This Is A Super Package Containing Over 60 Unopened Packs Of Cards, from All Different Years, And All Different Brands. Yes My Friends, This Is A Super Box Of JUNK!!!!! And Not The Standard 88 Topps Racks, Or 91 Fleer Wax, I'm Talking Top Of The Line Junk. 97 Pinnacle Mint, 88 Topps, 92 Leaf, 91 Fleer, 91 Studio, Etc... There Are So many Different Kinds, That The Most I Got Of A Single Brand, Was7 Packs... I'm Going To Wait And Rip Them All On Video, As Soon As I Find The Time, But There Was one Pack In Particular That I Couldn't Wait To Rip.

2007 Topps Turkey Red

I Love The turkey Red Cards. I'm Not Sure If It's The Card Stock They Are Printed On, The texture, Smell, Or The Pictures That, At Times, Barely Resemble The Player It's Supposed To... What Ever It Is, I Can Say That I Was Stoked To See This Lone Pack Of A Product That Has Been Forgotten By A Lot Of Collectors Out There. So Here It Is!!!


Jorge Posada


Justin Verlander


Carlos Gomez Rookie




Alex Rios


Troy Tulowitski Rookie! Not A Huge Tulo Fan, But Not Bad


Edgar Renteria. WIN!


Justin Morneau Chrome(?) Thing. #/1999 - WIN, I Guess...

So, There you Have It. A Pack Of 2007 Turkey Red.

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