Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pack Searchers Can Go To Hell...

About A Week Or So Ago, I Was In My Local Wal-Mart, And Happened By The Card Aisle, Just In Time To See A Brittle Old Woman Putting Out A Couple Of fresh Gravity Feed Boxes Of Topps 2011 Series 1 And 2.  Intrigued At The Thought Of Fresh Boxes Of Cards, I Picked up A Few Packs Of Each. BEFORE They Were, Pack Searched, Groped, Man Handled, And Most Likely Damaged. 

I Threw Them In The Cart, And Kept Shopping.  About 20 Minutes Had Gone by, And I Was Ready To Check Out, So, Naturally, I Chose the Checkout Line Right Next To The Card Section.  You Know, Just In Case The Old Woman Stocked Some 2011 A&G Blasters While I Was Away.  I Checked, No Blasters.  But I Did see The Once Full Boxes Of Series 1&2 Were Empty.  The Packs Were Strewn About Carelessly And Were Nowhere Near There Respective Homes.  Then I Noticed Something Else, It Looked As If None Of The Cards Were Bought... HMMM... So I Did A little Investigating. 

The Boxes Were 36ct Boxes.  I Bought 3 Packs Of Each, Leaving, 33 Packs in Each Box.  So I Decided To Count The Remaining Packs.  33 Packs Of Series 1, And 31 Packs Of Series 2.  These Boxes Had Been Searched, And All The "Searcher" Bought Was Two Packs...  Mother Fucker!!! 

Now, I Am Not A "BIG HIT" Kind Of Guy, And Most Of The Time you only Get Plain White Jersey Swatches Out Of Retail. (Most Of The Time) If I Want Relic Cards, Autos, Etc. I Will Buy A Hobby Box Either Online, Or from the Closest Hobby Shop To Me. (56 miles Round trip) But Alot of People Either Can't Afford Hobby Boxes, Can't Get To The Hobby Shop, Or Are Kids.  And These Fools Are Ruining Retail For All Of Them. Just So they Can Put A Mediocre Card on Ebay For A High Price... I Buy Retail Because It's Handy. Other Buy It Because That's Their Only Choice.

Sorry For The Rant, But It Was Coming out One Way Or Another.

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